Today’s Member Feature – TwoXForr


Today’s Member Feature is TwoXForr.

One of TwoXForr’s 13 skills is to be able to shoot his sling shot and hit 10 out of 10 targets from 20 feet away..

On his blog

he shows  how he made some slingshot targets with just a few things, most of them you are likely to have already around the house.  This looks easy enough, not expensive  and did not take him a lot of time which means you can be out there practicing before you know it.

Thank You TwoXForr!

~Dorothy (skillgirl)

P.S. – Have you been working on your skills?  Do you have a project, complete or in progress you want to share with other members?  If so send it to me at skillgirl at and we will publish it on the blog.

In your email include a link to where you have published your project.  This can be a flickr slide show, your own blog, a forum post, heck we don’t care as long as our members can see what you have been up to.

                                  Don’t for get to include your 13skills member name.



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