Todays Member Feature – Heliotropicmoth

Heliotropicmoth has a great blog about his first crop of  Jerusalem Artichokes.  If you know nothing about them,  what they look like or how you harvest them, like myself, this is very helpful.

Patrick and his fiance Dara have a blog called Little Country House.  They are new home owners and blog about things they are learning about becoming more self reliant homesteaders.

They also have several other blogs including gardening, doing all grain brewing and their beehives.

Jack and I will have to try some since we try to stay paleo even though I LOVE potatoes and occasionally have to just enjoy them.  I  have been warned about there odor producing side effect!!

                                                                                     Thank You Heliotropicmoth!


P.S. – Have you been working on your skills?  Do you have a project, complete or in progress you want to share with other members?  If so send it to me at skillgirl at and we will publish it on the blog.

In your email include a link to where you have published your project.  This can be a flickr slide show, your own blog, a forum post, heck we don’t care as long as our members can see what you have been up to.

                                  Don’t for get to include your 13skills member name.


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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to thank you for featuring our blog. If you and Jack want some Jerusalem Artichokes for your new homestead just send me an email with where you want them to go. I have plenty, let me know if you want some. Thanks again!


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