Time to Think about New Skills for the New Year

Melissa,  Freedom_in_IL on 13 skills shares her blog A pinch of Homestead where she writes about her family of 4 and how they are making it on 5 acres and there adventures in homesteading.

Melissa has blogs on making mead, saving tomato seeds, canning and a lot more. She has recently received her PDC Certificate from Geoff Lawton on Permaculture and is a officially a certified Permaculture consultant.

Check out A Pinch of Homestead and follow her progress on her new 13 skills she hopes to master in this new year.

Thanks Melissa!


P.S. – Have you been working on your skills?  Do you have a project, complete or in progress you want to share with other members?  If so send it to me at skillgirl at 13skills.com and we will publish it on the 13Skills.com blog.

In your email include a link to where you have published your project.  This can be a flickr slide show, your own blog, a forum post, heck we don’t care as long as our members can see what you have been up to.

                                  Don’t for get to include your 13skills member name.













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