The Amazing Garlic Plant


Garlic is an amazing plant.  It is used in many culinary dishes and is well known for many medicinal uses including as a antibacterial, antimicrobial,antimicrobial, antiviral and as an anti-fungal.

Patrick, aka heliotropicmoth’s has a great blog at Little Country House about using, growing it and harvesting garlic.

Thank You Patrick, aka heliotropicmoth!


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One Response to The Amazing Garlic Plant

  1. RackAttack says:

    I love garlic & always have. I always thought it was good for you – even grandma said so – how much better recommendation can you get 😉 ?

    Then, while surfing YouTube I find this:

    Going further, I’ve searched other videos on YouTube, etc. — And now I’m confused.

    So which is it? Is garlic good or bad?

    (If I used the wrong HTML code above for the link to the video, then here is the link without trying to surround it in HTML tags: )

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